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zettyandindywedding copy.png

This is a picture taken by our 'rents wedding photographer.  That's right, we were at their wedding, in fact, we walked down the aisle with them.  Indy stole the show because she saw some squirrels and freaked out barking.  Then when they were exchanging vows, she rolled around on Mother's long white dress.  And they call me the attention whore!  Anyway, I know we look fancy here, but it's just because Father wore nice shoes instead of his usual sneakers.  But really, we're not fancy at all.  And yes, I'm the devilishly handsome dog on the lower level, and Indy is the one who won't dare look into the camera.  It steals your soul, she says.  

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Hello World!  Thanks for tuning in to our amazing podcast, The Zetty and Indy Show.  As you know, my name is Zetterberg, a.k.a. Zetty, and I'm the star of the show.  Yes, I do have a co-host (in the photo, she's the one on the right), or rather co-hostess, and the bitch's name is Indiana.  Don't freak out people, she technically is a bitch-- a female dog! 


So let's get down to business-- if you're wondering why two amazing dogs such as ourselves are hosting a podcast, well it's because frankly, we're tired of eating dried up rabbit pellets. 

We live and die by our motto...  

Our 'rents are always saying the reason why we don't get the real raw or fresh and healthy stuff is because it's too expensive.  Well guess what?  We decided to find a way to contribute to the cause, and if we can get enough listeners (read: PATREONS) then maybe we can get some cash money to pay for the good stuff.  Because as you probably know, life is all about food for us dogs (and also for some of you fleshy friends out there), so anything you can do to help us is of utmost importance.  Ya dig?

Each podcast, we'll talk about all things mutt, we'll bring on some guest mutt speakers, and even a fleshy friend or two.  Our episodes are tight like a horny bulldog's leash, (they're only about 20 minutes give or take), which is the perfect length for you to listen to while walking your dear old pal, Fido.  

So join us, become a subscriberlisten to our podcast, spread the word, post, re-post, tell your mama, your daddy, and your sister too so that we can get on with our good grub and so we can forever F*CK KIBBLE!  (Also, check out our merch page to get some customized outfits for yourself or your dogs and also donate if you can through our Patreon page or through our website.)

You can also follow us on Instagram @thezettyandindyshow and you can like us on Facebook if that's your jam too.  And check out all the ways you can listen to the finest podcast in the doggy universe by clicking here.  


We love you back to work!  These podcasts don't produce themselves!

Thanks for listening and for helping us fight the good fight!

Yours truly,

Zetty and Indy

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