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How can you resist us? 

Donate and join the cause!

Besides eating, pooping, guarding the apartment, and running around wild like the two crazy mutts we are, podcasting is our life's work but no one actually pays us to do it.  So if you love us (or even like us, which we know you do!) please consider donating to our cause to get off kibble for good!  (Also so mother and father can quit their day jobs and continue posting our podcasts for us!)

There's a few ways you can donate.  First, you can become a PATREON by donating a small (or large!) amount to us on a monthly basis. 

For as little as $3 a month, you'll receive special perks like early access to our shows and Exclusive Bonus Patreons-Only Episodes!  There are different tiers with different perks, so check it out at 

to learn how you can become a valued Patreon and help us continue our show!  


You can also make a one-time donation by using our Paypal donation link in the box below.  You can do it once, or twice, or you can do it everyday, all day!  But really, you can donate any amount directly to us, and we will forever be your furry friend for as long as we live.  After all, it's people like you who can keep The Zetty and Indy Show alive for years and years to come!  Thank you for your donations and support, and please feel free to shoot us any questions at  And yes, you can also receive the same benefits and perks from our Patreon page when you make a one-time donation, just send us an email at the above email address and let us know!

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Donate here directly to
The Zetty And Indy Show 

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Hey thanks for donating,

fleshy friend!

Please note when you use the above link, it will say you have donated to Idylwild Pictures, which is our parents' company!  

(They're the ones paying for our food, after all!)

Yeah, you're awesome!

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