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Get The Zetty And Indy Show Official Merch!

We teamed up with Customized Girl to create our online store where you can get all kinds of Zetty and Indy merch including t-shirts for your pup (or for yourself), and even our F*ck Kibble! dog bowl!  (F*ck Kibble! t-shirts are also available!)  Check out our online store by clicking here.

And if you send us a picture of you or your pup wearing our t-shirts, we'll post it to our Instagram and FB pages.  Just email us the picture to  You can also post it on your own Instagram page and tag us @thezettyandindyshow.

Great for gifts!
Men's and Women's styles!

We have masks!

The Zetty And Indy Show...a podcast for dog lovers!
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