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yo, muchas gracias!

This is my Subscribe face.

It's not's just-- what's the word?  Enticing.  This is my enticing face that's enticing you to subscribe.  But why, you ask?  So you can stay informed about our upcoming events, giveaways, and special secret sauce stuff that only subscribers of the Zetty and Indy Show get!  So be cool, don't be a fool, and become a subscriber. 


(Note:  This is different then subscribing to our podcast, which you should definitely do as well, on whatever platform you listen to our podcast from!  If you only listen to it from our website, well then this is where you subscribe!) 


We promise not to spam you, in fact, we hate writing stuff so we'll only send you emails when we've got really important stuff to tell you.  Like when our next rock concert is.  Just kidding!  We're not in a band!  (Although you know I love to rap).   O.K., are you ready now?  Subscribe below!  

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